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Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

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Broward Hurricane Shutters provides manufacturing and installation for the leading technology in hurricane protection systems. Click Here for a Free Quote

Hurricane Shutters

Broward Hurricane Shutters is a hurricane shutter Manufacturer with 15 years experience in providing a variety of aluminum products, which are designed to protect your family and your personal belongings from hurricanes and intruders. We are committed to servicing the community with the best security and safest hurricane protection available on the market today.

Residential Shutters

Broward Hurricane Shutters provides manufacturing and installation for our entire line of hurricane and security protection products. We are a family owned and operated business focused on providing the highest quality services and products for residential, business and commercial use. All of our products and services are backed by an unprecedented 25 year warranty.


Hurricane Shutters

Products We Manufacture and Install:

    • Accordion Shutters – provide hurricane and security protection. They stack on each side of the opening and pull together into the middle and lock with a key or push-in button. Find out more.

    • Roll Up Shutters – the most convenient and easiest system to operate. These shutters can be motorized and operated with a wall switch or hand held remote or it can be operated with a manual hand crank. Find out more.

    • Bahama Shutters – also provide storm protection and give you shade protection as well. We have three types of Bahamas shutters, which range from lightweight shade protection to heavy hurricane approved. Find out more.

    • Colonial Shutters – These shutters can provide aesthetic quality for the enhancement of almost any home. Colonials are permanently mounted shutters that are hinged on the side and fold back into a closed position. The louvered panels are available in single, bifold or trifold design. Find out more.

  • Storm Panels – the least expensive option and they provide good protection in a hurricane but require some work to put up. Find out more.




Save on Insurance

Did you know by having Broward Hurricane Shutters manufacture and install hurricane protection systems on your home or business can help you save up to 30% on Insurance?

Quality Gauranteed

Our trained professionals will measure and engineer your storm protection to accommodate your individual needs. Our installation teams are the best in the industry with many years of experience.

Peace of Mind

Did you know by adding hurricane protection to your home or business can give you peace of mind that your biggest asset is protected in an event that storm is going to hit South Florida or the surrounding area?